How to make a texture seamless

Sometimes you find a nice texture in a repository site, but you cannot use it in your templates because it is not seamless. Yet this is not a very hard problem to solve. In 4 easy steps you create a seamless square texture that you can use in your designs.

10 Texture Repository sites

Now CGTextures has decided to exclude Second Life users from their license, does that leave us helpless? NO WAY! There are a few very good texture repositories on the web where you can download free textures that can be used even for commercial projects.

Alpha Masks: Secrets Revealed!

Even when you wear a shape that is the proper size for the mesh garment you have selected, there are times when your body will poke through. Alpha Maps are a special garment, custom fit for each mesh garment are provided to control this. Full Perm Mesh Designers (usually) provide the Alpha Map Garment, as…

New Texture & Materials Tab

Today I had to install a new version of Phoenix Firestorm and all of a sudden I noticed that the Texture Tab of my Edit window had changed dramatically. Although most of the settings can be found in the new window, there is a difference where it comes to the texture tab. Just when I…

Free Photoshop? No, not legally!

In January of 2013 Adobe disabled the activation server for Photoshop CS2. Recognizing that they may still have some customers running the software, they set up a page on their website where these customers could download and re-install the software if they needed to.

Current Fashion Trends Review

“A TREND is a line of general direction of movement, a prevailing tendency of inclination, a style or preference, a line of development, or the general movement over time of a statistically detectable change . In a few words, “trend” is a synonym to “tendency”.” ~Wikipedia~